Will empower the world’s underdeveloped communities through the implementation of state of the art equipment and innovative Alternative Energy technologies

We are:
  • An Energy project management/development company.
  • Engineering consulting, operation and maintainance of power and/or gasification plants.
  • Committed to utilize technology to deliver a positive impact to the environment.
  • Focus on cost effectiveness and state of the art Clean Energy technologies to provide a better lifestyle for all.
  • An investment solution to corporations, pension funds, governments and public agencies, endowments, foundations, Taft-Hartley plans, and other leading institutional investors across the globe.


Waste to Energy
Plasma and Gasification are a flexible, reliable, and clean energy technologies that can turn a variety of low-value feedstock's into high-value products...

Used Oil Refineries
Used Oil Recovery Systems can turn liquid wastes back into valuable products such as Base Oil...

Our Services
Alter Fuels provides a high quality, cost-effective project management services from an Idea to Strategy... NEW Commodities Division.